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Collector of Experiences.

 The world of technology and people’s habits are constantly changing. Through my experiences at various sized companies and agencies, I realized how often big strategic decisions were being made in the business based primarily off little more than intuition. With the right infrastructure in place, I knew there was a better way to help make these decisions using actionable data and empirical evidence.

Data-driven Marketer.

During my time at Stanford University, I studied how humans work (both mind and body) at the most fundamental level. In previous positions, I have been a Marketing Director and a Marketing Analyst. Since discovering how many companies can benefit from updating their marketing approach, and how seemingly little tweaks can make big impacts on their bottom line, I made the decision to become a Marketing Consultant.

My mission:  to change the way we approach marketing. Data-driven, based off of current psychology research and technology behaviors.


Innovation Driver.

My marketing strategies are compelled by the latest research and data-backed methods. I guide my clients to make decisions that will ultimately lead to the greatest ROI and improve their bottom line.

I am available for both on-site and remote consultations. When not advancing the world of marketing, you can find me planning international adventures or riding motorcycles.

Calah Hanson
Calah Hanson
Calah Hanson
calah motorcycle marketing consultant
Calah Hanson