Consultancy Case Study

My tactics- tested first on my own business.

The challenge

After a number of successful years in the marketing industry, I realized that I could help businesses with what I knew. After being a Marketing Director, I quickly realized that the biggest impact I had on companies was not in the daily activities- but in the strategy. After being approached by several CEOs for consulting advice, I decided to start my own company.

The consultancy

Most companies like to structure their companies based on their needs and desires. I chose differently. I studied companies, interviewed CEOs, listened, and adapted. I designed my consultancy to be based on the needs of the companies. I found so many companies offer much more than what their customers needs- or worse, they offer less but at a terrible quality.


¬†Marketing has turned into a shady industry. After working for several agencies and working as a consultant alongside marketing teams, I’ve seen so much dishonesty- it’s disheartening.


The world is filled with data, and it’s up to us to make use of it. Having been an Analytics Director, I learned that data isn’t enough. Data should drive our decision, but it’s important to keep creativity at the forefront.


There’s no “get rich quick” ploys. They aren’t sustainable. Marketing should be smart, targeted, and based on most recent research. That makes you waste less money- but good marketing still takes work. A lot of it. My consultancy is driven by a myriad of hours of work and research.

Endless creativity and creation

Though I like to use web designers for clients (industry experts where that is 100% of what they focus on), I decided to design and create my company website myself. Though I have directed many website design and re-designs, I’ve only made a few myself. I am a big believer in learning hands-on before you direct someone.

Though I know the site can be improved (especially if I use a serious designer), You can see the result.

Exponential growth

To my surprise, my consultancy took off. Within the first year, I was making six figures and was turning down work left and right. I was able to generate new leads and had successful business leaders reaching out to me to help their businesses reach max potential.

The results

I’ve worked with companies with millions of dollars of marketing budget. I’ve helped local Boston, MA companies but also global companies. I’ve made a difference in how many companies approach marketing, and it feels really good.

If you want to learn more about how I did it, check out my LEARN section of my site, where I post about my strategies or sign up for my newsletter.

“Essential to our re-branding, Calah delivers a rare triple threat: Analysis, Creativity, and Execution. Conversions grew 290% while cost per conversion shrank 78%, saving us thousands. Thanks to Calah’s superb market analysis, creative designs, and execution plan, we have a clear path to even greater success!

– One Happy Client

calah hanson

Calah Hanson has been helping business executives make smarter marketing decisions by identifying marketing gaps, creating custom strategies to fill in those gaps, and making the most of their resources. She guides companies to change their approach to marketing decisions by implementing a design-thinking, data-driven strategy based on current psychology research and technology behaviors. Her consulting, backed with actionable data and empirical evidence, has resulted in saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and being confident they are spending their marketing dollars in the best way.