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Making your life easier. I did the groundwork, and I'm sharing the best results.

I spent countless hours researching the ins and outs of every program before using it. I interviewed other Boston businesses and tested out options.

I did the research so you don't have to.

Caveat: these are my preferencesI’m not saying that everything I use is the best for you, but it is the best for me. I keep this list updated regularly, so if you find any apps that you prefer better, shoot me an email at, and I will evaluate/update the list.

Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

Free and gives detailed stats on your site. Definitely the #1 thing you should have on your site. Make sure you enable demographic and interest reports (you manually have to do this). To learn more about privacy policies on data collection, see my article here.

Search Data

Google Search Console

You should have this installed on your website, as it collects information on what Google searches for to get to your website. Best way to install this is via Google Tag Manager.

Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Manage website tags in an organized and simple way

Website A/B Testing


Allows you to A/B test on your website

Analytics Tools

Google Ads

Note: you can link Google Ads and Google Search console. Instructions are here.

URL Builder

Google Campaign URL Builder

Don’t want to manually build a tracking URL? Go here.

Chrome Extensions

Google Tag Assistant

Check what tags are on websites and if the correct tags are installed properly.

Facebook Tag Assistant

Check Facebook tags on a site

Heat Maps


Allows you to generate website heat maps and recordings of your website visitors.

SEO tool


A great SEO tool

Site Speed Checker

See how fast your site loads and get a rating. If it’s slow, it’s worth optimizing.

Data Warehouse

Google BigQuery

Note: you can link Google Ads and Google Search console. Instructions are here.

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Tableau software

Note: you can link Google Ads and Google Search console. Instructions are here.

calah hanson

Calah Hanson has been helping business executives make smarter marketing decisions by identifying marketing gaps, creating custom strategies to fill in those gaps, and making the most of their resources. She guides companies to change their approach to marketing decisions by implementing a design-thinking, data-driven strategy based on current psychology research and technology behaviors. Her consulting, backed with actionable data and empirical evidence, has resulted in saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and being confident they are spending their marketing dollars in the best way.

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