Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?

When you hire a consultant, you get the best of all worlds. An idea generator, an outside perspective, and C-suit skills without the C-suite salary.

Faced with a marketing problem, you wonder – what is the best approach? You’ve thought about hiring a marketing agency, but. you don’t want any wasted money and junior accounts working mainly on my account but I’m paying as if it is the CEO.

So why consider a consultant?

Consultants can improve your bottom line

Different from a regular employee, consultants serve as your guide. You only pay for them when you need them. A consultant’s job is to make a strategy, tailored specific to your business, that will require the least amount of time and effort on your part and produce the highest return on your investment. This can yield high results year-after-year.

Idea generator for your business

Consultants can see your business from the outside perspective and offer a fresh point of view. They know how to reach people in a meaningful and lasting way.


Pay the portion of a top CMO, without the fees.

Consultants are leading experts in their field. They’ve been around the block, and understand the importance on staying up to date with the latest research.  Chances are, the consultant has already solved the problem you have been investing so much time and resources to find the solution.

calah hanson

Calah Hanson has been helping business executives make smarter marketing decisions by identifying marketing gaps, creating custom strategies to fill in those gaps, and making the most of their resources. She guides companies to change their approach to marketing decisions by implementing a design-thinking, data-driven strategy based on current psychology research and technology behaviors. Her consulting, backed with actionable data and empirical evidence, has resulted in saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and being confident they are spending their marketing dollars in the best way.

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