My Productivity Apps

Making your life easier. I did the groundwork, and I'm sharing the best results.

I spent countless hours researching the ins and outs of every program before using it. I interviewed other Boston businesses and tested out options.

I did the research so you don't have to.

Caveat: these are my preferencesI’m not saying that everything I use is the best for you, but it is the best for me. I keep this list updated regularly, so if you find any apps that you prefer better, shoot me an email at, and I will evaluate/update the list.


Great receipt tracking and invoice tracking. Can directly bill customers.

Note Keeping

Evernote allows me to structure more unstructuerd notes.

Time Tracking

This is the only time tracking app that I have found that works well with projects.

File Storage

Maybe not the cheapest, but reliable and has held it’s value over the years. Has a Mac-like interface.


Spark is great on user-interface.

Project Management

Asana is better for more complex projects with multiple team members. Trello is better for simple projects and has less of a learning curve.

Password Keeper

1password works well with Macs.


Cheap. Easy. 


I’ve tried other computers, but I keep coming back to this. The seamlessness, the user interface, it’s designed for the no-nonsense user who wants a beautiful interface. 

Cons: Not as many options for customizations. Rarely, computer programs don’t work well.

calah hanson

Calah Hanson has been helping business executives make smarter marketing decisions by identifying marketing gaps, creating custom strategies to fill in those gaps, and making the most of their resources. She guides companies to change their approach to marketing decisions by implementing a design-thinking, data-driven strategy based on current psychology research and technology behaviors. Her consulting, backed with actionable data and empirical evidence, has resulted in saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and being confident they are spending their marketing dollars in the best way.

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