What Pain Can Teach Us about Marketing


Our brains are beautiful creatures. Understanding how our minds work is understanding the map to marketing genuius.

Our brains are beautiful creatures. If our brains can do this with our pain signals, think about what it can do with your marketing messages. Our brains are constantly seeing marketing messages.

Most people have a misunderstanding of how pain works

Let’s look at how our bodies react to pain. For most of medical history, we oversimplified how we thought pain worked. 

The reality is, 0ur brain doesn’t detect “pain.” It only detects some kind of stimulus in the tissue … and the brain decides what to make of it, how to feel about it, and what to do about it, if anything. https://www.painscience.com/articles/pain-is-weird.php


If our brains can completely rephrase what pain is in the mind, what can do with ads? How well do you think we can see through a companies desire to sell us. We lose trust.

The brain can amplify the pain signal, making it louder or softer, and can tell the brain what amount of signal to send up in the first place. The brain can dictate the sensitivity of the nerves. The most fascinating part- you don’t even know this is happening. At the end of this, you feel pain or you don’t and there’s varying sensitivities.

You don’t realize the complex process going on behind the scenes when you see a Facebook ad from a business. You ignore it. When you start to pay attention, you only know whether you want it or you don’t. While we like to think we are these sophisticated, intelligent individuals, reality is that most decisions can be driven down to a primal level.

The brain is not just a passive, gullible receiver for whatever messages the peripheral nerves send upstairs. And, if you think about it, it’s kind of strange that we would ever have thought of it that way, because this is, after all, the brain we’re talking about: seat of consciousness, the generator of your reality. The brain critically evaluates every danger message it receives — considering it in context, sizing it up before deciding whether or not to take it seriously. https://www.painscience.com/articles/pain-is-weird.php

calah hanson

Calah Hanson has been helping companies make the most of their marketing resources.  She guides companies to change their approach to marketing decisions by implementing a design-thinking, data-driven strategy, based off of current psychology research and technology behaviors.

Through her experiences at various sized companies and agencies, she realized how often big strategic decisions were being made in the business based primarily off little more than intuition. With the right infrastructure in place, she knew there was a better way to help make these decisions using actionable data and empirical evidence. Her consulting has resulted in saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and being confident they are spending their marketing dollars in the best way.

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